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Our passion is sharing this unique art form with as many people as possible. Suhenna provides stunning, one-of-a-kind art for any event. Custom orders allow your wish to be our command, as every detail has the ability to be personalized. With all henna application, Suhenna strictly and solely uses 100% all natural, organic, fresh henna paste to ensure the highest quality for our clients. As for Suhenna's decorative pieces, professional quality paints, and sealants are used to provide a long-lasting piece.

about us

Growing up with an Indian background, I have always been wide-eyed for all thing connected to the rich culture. Ever since I can remember I've been intrigued by the intricacy and pure beauty of mehndi. The moment my five year old self would come home from an event with henna, I would try to replicate the design with a marker and some paper. Three years ago, I made this love of mine a little bit more special by starting this business with the help of my family. I continue to improve my skills day by day in hopes to share this beautiful art with as many individuals I possibly can.

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