Bridal and Wedding henna

Party and event henna

Not throwing a party or hosting an event, but still want henna? Personal sessions for smaller groups and individuals are available as well. Services are charged hourly.

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henna for all occasions

When you book one of Suhenna's services, the henna, a design book*, and a stain-enhancing spray are all included within the service. Suhenna is also able to come to the venue** of your event as well. As Suhenna works at quite a quick pace, choosing an hourly payment method is strongly recommended to save you the most money. Suhenna is flexible and will work with various budgets as well.

*upon request **location permitting, please contact Suhenna for more details

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Bridal henna is priced based

on design volume and intricacy and

is charged by an hourly rate. Bridal party henna can either be one set design for all guests to be matching and charged per design, or charged by an hourly rate. Photos posted below include some bridal henna examples. 

Personal henna sessions


Suhenna is able to provide services at an array of events including birthday parties, BBQ's, picnics, office parties, girls nights, baby showers, holiday parties and much more. Services are charged either per design, or hourly depending on the hosts request.

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